My approach

I make my 15-years of commercial lending experience available to real estate investors, financial institutions, and other professionals looking for answers to their commercial real estate financing and investment questions. I offer a flexible consultant approach that allows clients to get only the advice they need rather than feeling obligated to a pay a fixed percentage of the loan amount at closing. This is especially helpful for investors that already have capital sources and just need an experienced, independent perspective to help them review capital sources, loan terms, process, and documents. My motivation is to serve you as the investor and help you identify possible pitfalls and demystify the complexities in commercial lending. My clients find it invaluable to have an independent consultant on their side to vet the information they are receiving from their lender.

Do it yourself…

I wrote a concise apartment financing handbook to help you understand and become more comfortable with the financing process. Combine this handbook with the calculators and tools below and you’ll be on your way to handling your own commercial mortgage loan. In addition, I encourage you to read my articles for more information.

Apartment Financing Handbook


Calculators & Tools

…or work with me

I’m happy to answer your questions and help you build a strategy to finance your purchase or refinance of commercial real estate. I work on an hourly or project basis so you only pay for the time you need.

I am available to help with:

  • Loan sizing and refinance analysis helping you determine if now is a good time to refinance your property
  • Loan request presentation and package preparation that provides lenders with the information needed to give you the best loan terms
  • Cash flow analysis and forecasting
  • Desktop valuation of your property
  • Developing alternative resolution strategies and restructures for troubled loans
  • General discussion of your commercial real estate capital needs and investment objectives

Contact me and we’ll talk about your needs.

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