Simplifying the financing process

Finding a loan for your apartment can be daunting. There are many potential lenders, numerous structural terms, and complicated loan documents. I know this because I worked in commercial real estate lending for a large regional bank for 14-years. I have seen what happens when a property owner is unprepared or inexperienced and it isn’t good. Worse, many of the commercial mortgage brokers that you pay to help are also paid by lenders to bring them business. This introduces a conflict of interest that may cost you. Sometimes these arrangements are not disclosed.

I left banking to earn the trust of apartment investors and help them get the loans they deserve whether they do it themselves or they hire me to help.

Do it yourself…

To help you get started, I wrote a short apartment financing handbook to help you understand and become more comfortable with the process. Combine this handbook with the calculators and tools below and you’ll be on your way to handling your own apartment financing. In addition, I encourage you to read my articles for more information.

Apartment Financing Handbook

Calculators & Tools


…or work with me

I’m happy to answer your questions and help you build a strategy to finance your purchase or refinance of commercial real estate. It’s free and you don’t pay anything unless I help you close a loan.

Contact me and we’ll talk about your needs.

My approach

I don’t have staff, it’s just me. I want to build lasting relationships with apartment investors. The buck stops with me, and I will work to earn your trust. Mortgage bankers (also known as brokers) charge hefty fees ranging from 0.50%-2.00%. My fee is 1% of the loan amount and you pay only if you close a loan with me. If a lender provides a rebate or referral payment, I will credit that back to you.

A loan broker should do all of the following for you:

  • Understand your wealth strategy and how commercial real estate helps you meet your goals
  • Demonstrate an expertise in the type of financing you need
  • Develop a plan to finance your property with a loan structure that fits your goals
  • Update you on current commercial real estate trends and how they affect you
  • Explain the financing process and set your expectations accordingly
  • Provide transparency into the financing process and keep you up to date as your loan progresses
  • Translate banking jargon into language you understand
  • Advocate on behalf of you and your property to get you the best terms from lenders

You’ll pay a lot, but you’ll get more than you pay for.

What about other property types like manufactured housing communities, retail, industrial, office, or others?

I have years of experience lending on these property types from my career at a large regional bank. If you would like my perspective on your non-apartment property, please contact me.

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