I created a handful of tools to help commercial real estate investors analyze their investments and financing. I reference these tools in a few of my articles and the handbook.

The tools are available for free download below as Microsoft Excel files. If you need a different format, please feel free to contact me.


Tool Description
Lender Proposal Request (RFP) Template Complete this template and share with a lender to get a head start on your financing conversation.
Loan Sizing Tool Use this tool to quickly estimate the maximum loan your property can support and estimate your return on equity.
Portfolio Purchasing Power Use this tool to estimate how much additional commercial real estate you can purchase based on your implied portfolio equity using market metrics.
5-year IRR Analysis Use this calculator to estimate the 5-year rate of return (IRR) for a property investment.
Schedule of Real Estate Template Provide this completed worksheet to your lender so they can easily analyze your portfolio of properties.
Refinancing Payment Comparison Use this to compare your cash flow with your current loan to two hypothetical refinance scenarios.
Amortization Schedule Use this to generate an amortization table that shows interest and principal payments over the life of the loan.