What personal information do you collect?

My website does not collect Personally Identifiable Information (PII) from visitors. However, my website does use analytics services that collect information about visitors, including browser type, operating system, general geographic location, and other information about visitor interaction with my site. I use this information to understand how visitors use my site, so I can make it better. I cannot identify specific visitors using this data.

Do you share this information?

I do not share this information with anyone.

How can I change what information you collect?

Enable your browser’s “Do Not Track” feature and my site will not run the analytics tracking code, which means the analytics services will not see your usage of my site.

How do you notify me of changes to this policy?

I have no way to inform individual users of changes to the policy because I do not collect information on individual visitors. Visitors will have to check this page for changes.

What is the effective date of this policy?

I last updated this policy on November 16, 2021.

Do you use cookies?

Yes this site uses cookies for the visitor analytics mentioned above. If you turn on your browser’s Do Not Track feature, this site will not generate cookies in your browser.

Client Information

I protect data by storing it only as long as I need it on encrypted servers (Microsoft).