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I write articles on a regular basis for commercial real estate publications. You can see copies of these articles below.

These articles are available for reprint under the Creative Commons license: Attribution-ShareAlike 2.0 Generic.

5 Common And Costly Refinancing Mistakes

When it comes time to refinance your property, you want an easy process that gets you the best pricing. If you're not prepared, it could hurt you with a higher interest rate, lower loan proceeds and an agonizing experience. Below are the top five issues I see investors encounter when refinancing their properties.

The Risk in Writing-Off Almost Anything

Should you write-off almost anything? Maybe not if you want to refinance your property and get access to your hard-earned equity. Consider that for every $1 reduction in reportable income, you could decrease your potential loan amount by $11-13.

Is your equity working as hard as it should?

When you decide to invest in real estate, you invest your time and energy into finding the perfect property and waiting for the right time to buy. Then, after you’ve purchased and financed the property, you shift your focus to managing the property to maximize cash flow. Sounds good and it is. At first.

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